How To Change Settings On Denver Electric Scooters

Changing The Settings On Denver Electric Scooters

There are many brands of electric scooters. One brand that generally sells pretty affordable scooters is Denver. They have a wide range of different electric scooters to choose from.

If you own a Denver scooter, you might wonder if there’s a way to change the user settings.

I will give you a heads up and let you know right away; Denver scooters are quite restricted and there aren’t too many things you can change. 

I will however list below the things you actually can change.

Standard Menu Settings

Before going into the advanced settings, there are a few small things you can change from the regular home screen on the speedometer.

By clicking the Middle button as shown below, you can change if you want to see:

  • ODO (displays the total distance traveled)
  • RPM (stands for “revolutions per minute” and will display how fast the engine is spinning)
  • DIS (will display the riding distance since the scooter was turned on)
  • TIME (will display the current running time since it was last turned on)

How To Access The Advanced Settings Menu On Denver Electric Scooters

  • To begin with, start your electric scooter by pressing and holding the center button on your speedometer.
  • While your scooter is turned on, press and hold both the top and bottom buttons as shown below.
  • If done correctly, you should now be inside the settings menu. The area where the speed (km/h or mp/h) was previously showing should now display a blinking “P0” as shown below.

What Changes Can I Do Inside The Advanced Settings Menu?

Sadly, there isn’t too much you can do.

I will however demonstrate the few things that you can do, and also, the things you shouldn’t do.

While inside the settings menu, you navigate by pushing the middle button, this allows you to go through settings P 1P 9.

I will describe what they do and which ones you can actually change.

Settings P 1 – P 3

  • P 1 – Speed Display
    For this setting, you can change whether you want the speedometer to display the speed in km/h or mph. You perform this change by pushing the top button as shown below from 0-1 depending on your preference.You will notice that the number that would usually show km/h or mph (outlined in YELLOW in the picture below) now changes.

    Apply settings by once again pressing and holding both top and bottom buttons to enter user mode. 
  • P 2 – Auto-Pilot
    I honestly have no idea why this option exists as I found it very unsafe for users, especially if one were to accidentally enable it.

    Basically, this option is an auto-pilot mode. What this means is that if you’re holding down the throttle (the button you press to accelerate)  for more than 6 seconds, the scooter will in turn set that speed to auto-pilot mode and keep it going until you press the button all the way down.I found this out the hard way by messing around with the settings in my living room!

    Therefore, my advice is to leave the P 2 option left at 0 rather than 1.


  • P 3 – No Kick-Start RequiredI found this setting very useful.Denver scooters generally come with a setting that requires you to manually kick-start a few feet like a regular scooter before the throttle gives effect.

    By changing this option, you can start riding from standing still without having to manually kick-start.

    To change this setting, simply press the upper button as shown below in RED and you will see that the 1 (inside the yellow circle) will turn to 0.

    Apply settings by once again pressing and holding both top and bottom buttons to enter user mode.

    Your scooter will now start going as soon as you press the throttle, even if you’re standing still. It might take some time to get used to so be careful!

What About The Settings For P 4 – P 9? Can I Change Anything Else?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any additional secret settings you can change other than the ones I mentioned above.

Can I change The Speed Limit Of My Denver Electric Scooter?

This is probably one of the most googled questions for electric scooters in general. In terms of Denver electric scooters, you can’t access any option to change the speed.

I have read in forums about people purchasing third-party speedometers where they are able to manipulate the firmware to boost the speed.

Personally, I advise you not to try this. First of all, Denver electric scooters aren’t manufactured to go faster than their regular setting. Second of all, most countries don’t allow scooters to go faster than 20-25 km/h or 12-15 mph.

Other than the obvious points I mentioned above, the batteries themselves are often restricted.

Increasing the power they are forced to push out could result in malfunction or potential damage to the batteries. This can not only be costly to replace but also dangerous.


There aren’t many settings you can change on Denver electric scooter but I hope someone will find these options useful.

When it comes to speed limits, you can’t expect too much from the cheaper scooters.

If you want more power, I advise you to purchase one that is manufactured to provide higher performance.

Remember to always review your country’s rules and regulations before purchasing your electric scooters to be sure you’re within the legal limit. For example, in New York City, you’re only allowed to ride at a speed of up to 15mph or roughly 24km/h.

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